Planting the seeds of life.

Experience the beauty of real-world skills away from video screens and chaos. A place that nourishes social skills and independence for children and young adults with disabilities. We invite you to Navarro Farm. It's more than just a farm. It's a place to grow.

Care, it's in everything we do.

The incredible working crew at Navarro Farm not only manages the overall operations, they are dedicated to the growth and development of young lives. They are here to guide, teach, and assist young farmers and their families every step of the way.

Real life experiences.

A vegetable garden, a farm stand, a chicken coop, a barn with a variety of animals and a future greenhouse for activities and events throughout the winter months provides valuable and memorable experiences for our young farmers.


Rooted in growth.

Thank you for your interest in Navarro Farm. Our desire to help and care for others has been in our hearts for ages, but the Farm is only in its infancy stages which means we must take small steps as we continue to develop out the program.

Our initial groups of participants will be somewhat limited and focused on certain levels of child capabilities. Our overall goal is to bypass any unforeseen challenges so we can expand opportunities to more groups, with greater success.

Program participants must be at least 14 years of age and able to participate in groups with a ratio of up to 5 participants to 1 staffer.

Participants must also be able to feed themselves and use the washroom independently. Additionally, potential participants and their family will need to complete a child requirement document to help us verify that we can accommodate their needs and make this a successful and fruitful experience for them and those around them.

We understand that parents of children with special needs can often be challenged with finding resources and outlets for their child’s development. If your child does not meet our current participation criteria or is not selected for the current program, we are partnered with other organizations that may be able to assist you.



The birth of a farm.

The Navarro family has owned and operated NES Environmental for over 20 years and we have been beyond blessed with its growth. On the verge of outgrowing our warehouse and office space once again, we looked for a place to establish a second warehouse. That’s when we came across a 5-acre farm just two miles from the office. From the time an offer was made on the property to the day of closing, the vision and priority of the property changed drastically. The roots of something bigger started to take hold – a seed was planted in our hearts, and that seed grew into the vision and dream that is now becoming reality. Welcome Navarro Farm. A place to grow.


Navarro Farm stands as an example of the caring and desire to help others that has always been in the fabric of our family. Just as we have built a legacy with NES Environmental that provides for the families of all who work there, a new legacy is taking hold that will surely live within the future generations of the Navarro family. Without NES Environmental, the farm wouldn’t exist. The farm will be a blend of the caring and sacrifice that NES Environmental and our family have made throughout the years and it will continue well beyond our time – to ultimately provide for families in both business and philanthropy.


The beauty lies within our roots.

The mission of the Navarro Farm is rooted in growth. From the growing of vegetables, animals and life experiences, the virtues that comprise growth will be the focal point of the farm’s mission. These virtues come from our Creator and shall remain the roots that fortify our growth missions. We welcome you to be part of the Navarro Farm experience and find it to be a place to grow.

A Place to Grow

Learning through nature

The farm

Joy, peace and love

The experience

Carter's Corner

The farm stand


We saw a need.

It is important for us to share the vision and goals of this special place that God has put in our hearts. As stated in the Bible, “That if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts.” So now we must ask ourselves what are we going to do with this seed that God has planted within us? Are we going to water and tend to it and watch it grow and bear fruit, or are we going to allow the seed to wither away?

We chose the path to sow into the lives of others.

As parents we saw a need. This was a need not only in our son’s life but also in the lives of his friends, our family, and our community. It comes from our hearts and driven by the desire to play a part in the growth of children. Moreover, we feel beyond happy and blessed to do so.

Our goals are to nurture, elevate joy, and harvest growth not only in crops that thrive on the farm but in the lives of young folks with special needs. By sowing one seed at a time, we can help to make a lasting impact in their lives whilst coming from a place of love.



Avery's Flower Farm

Part of our land is being used to grow and cut flowers to share with the local community. Avery discovered an interest in starting seeds, watching them grow, and cutting them for enjoyment last year. When she outgrew her backyard, she looked for a larger piece of land to farm, and Navarro Farm was the perfect fit. 

 You can find her flowers at the Navarro Farm stand (Carter’s Corner), flower delivery subscriptions, and custom orders. Part of her proceeds benefit our mission here at Navarro Farm. Check out her website and social media to follow her journey and see how our partnership grows!