2024 Fall Farmer Program

Farmer Program 2024 Fall

Healthy Choices + Healthy Food = Healthy Life

Exploring the Farm Program



This program is designed to develop a healthy lifestyle by teaching Farmers how to make healthy food choices for a long-term lifestyle. The curriculum is designed to take Farmers through the process of planting, growing, harvesting, and preparing a variety of sustainable, wholesome, nutritious food options.


Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 14+. They are referred to as Farmers.

Days & Dates:

Two independent sessions running either Monday and Wednesday.

Sessions are 8-weeks in length beginning Monday, August 12th and ending Monday, October 7th.

To maintain the integrity of the program, a Farmer can only attend the day in which they are enrolled. Farmers can request to be enrolled in multiple days, depending on availability.

Missed days cannot be made up.


The day will promptly start at 9am and go until 11:00 am.

Parents/guardians are asked to escort their Farmer to the barn and encouraged to volunteer for non-program activities or relax on the property.  There is always plenty to do on the Farm and we encourage you to volunteer.