A farmstand that gives back



Open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to Noon!

All your favorite produce, merchandise, eggs, and Navarro Farm sauces!

Fitness classes at 11am on Tuesday and Thursday!


Shop with a purpose

Every week our Navarro Farmers harvest fresh, organic produce that they have planted and tended to in the raised garden beds, as part of the Farmer Program.  When you shop at Carter's Corner, 100% of the proceeds go back into the programs for special needs individuals.

Real life skills

Not only do the Farmers learn the process of growing produce, they also learn job skills at Carter's Corner.  With our innovative checkout program, they learn how to process donations with Carter's Corner's customers.

Organic produce

All our produce is grown organically at Navarro Farm and harvested weekly

Farm fresh eggs

Navarro Farm chickens are given top quality care, fresh eggs are collected daily

Local honey

Navarro Farm is home to 11 bee hives that produce sweet, local honey.

Get involved

At the heart of every program are volunteers who give back.  At Navarro farm there are opportunities for all skills and ages.  To learn more, checkout our volunteer site too see how you can make Navarro Farm "A Place to Grow".

Joining with our community to become "A Place to Grow"