Healthy Choices + Healthy Food = Healthy Life

Experience the beauty of real-world skills away from video screens and chaos. A place that nourishes social skills and independence for children and young adults with disabilities. We invite you to Navarro Farm. It's more than just a farm. It's a place to grow.


The 2024 Spring Farmer Program application is now open.
  • To apply online click Apply Online
  • To download the application and mail it in or drop off at the Welcome Center click Download
These are the important upcoming dates to know:
  • The form must be submitted or turned in by 6:00 pm Tuesday, April 30th
  • You will receive notification via email of acceptance on Monday, May 6th.
  • After being notified of acceptance, payment for registration must be received by 6:00 pm, Friday, May 24th.
  • Sessions are 8-weeks in length beginning Monday, June 10th and ending Friday, August 2nd.

Sessions are from 9am to 11am

Select a day a to attend for the full session. You can register for multiple days for an additional fee.


Outstanding Farmer Opportunities

  • Leadership roles for Farmers
  • Advanced food preparation
  • New cooking techniques
  • Additional gardening information


Additional Program Benefits

Tuesday and Thursday morning Farmstand & Farmer/Family Fitness

More Support

  • Increased training for volunteers
  • Guidance from experienced educators


Fun and Social Interactions

  • lenty of time for being with friends
  • Establish new relationships!
  • Structured and unstructured activity time